Monday, February 17, 2014

Prom- again

Surprise guys! Maybe I do have qualities which other human beings don't find repulsive! Last Thursday I came home from school to find caution tape all over my house. I had a split second of wondering if my family had been murdered in my absence before realizing- ah. Prom. The dreaded and loved season of having to keep your room clean just in case. I went inside and saw more caution tape everywhere as well as a sign with my name on it. A series of these same signs led to my bedroom and spelled out "Mandi I am dying to to to prom with you!" Then I opened the door to my room and saw Scott laying on the ground "dead". He jumped up and said "Don't let me die!" and handed me a rose. Too cute. :) I'm really excited because Scott is one of my very best friends so it'll be a blast.

Now to respond. Ideas? 

[Read about last year's prom escapades herehere, and here.]

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  1. oh my goodness your blog makes me so happy. (in a totally non creepy way of course.)


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