Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The reply.

When he asked me, he switched out Harry for Kade and Cho for Amanda, so I used the following sentence speaking of Cho, from Book 5:
 " 'Oooh, yes!' she said, blushing crimson and beaming at him. "

Kindof cheesy.
But hey.


  1. I love love love how he asked you! And that's definitely not cheesy. Did it take you a long time to find that quote?
    I wish we did fun things like for dances in high school. You guys are so creative!


  2. This is literally the cutest thing ever. Like im grinning ear to ear for you. This is the kind of story that i just want to spread around and tell people because its so cute! So I'm gonna share it on my blog if ya don't mind because its thaaat adorable!!! Congrats lovely and have a wonderful time at prom! :)

  3. OH MY GOD.
    I love harry potter and I now love your and your life.
    This is epically adorable. In every way.


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