Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Play that music loud.

Today I walked across the high school parking lot with 4 of my guys friends, when the weirdest feeling came over me. Quite simply, I felt like a G-thug. And it made me wonder: do boys always feel like gang members when they travel in packs?? Hmm.

Moving on.
I hate it so much when other bloggers do this (because they do - all the time), but. I apologize for my extended vacation from blogging. And due to the fact that my life is crazy and hectic, I apologize for the following crazy and hectic blog post.

Yesterday, the members of the cross-country and track teams were supposed to stay after school and wrap potatoes in aluminum for a fundraiser or service project or something. [and okaaay, I guess you can laugh at us Idahoans for that one.] First off, that doesn't make sense because the cross-country team doesn't even currently exist. But anyway, I had violin so I could not attend. After school, Aubrie and I are walking nonchalantly through the halls after visiting a teacher or something to that extend, when who do we see coming around the corner but Mrs. Gibbons, the XC coach. We absolutely immediately launch ourselves through the nearest open door, run to the farthest corner of the classroom, and hide under a table until we're reasonably sure the danger has passed. Then realize there's an elementary kid sitting on the other side of the room. He probably thought he was going to get murdered. Sorry, kid.

Secondly, missing school every other day is generally not a good idea. Especially since I, a lifelong straight-A student, currently have a 2.0 GPA and an F in PreCalculus. Not just any F, either. 0%. Hold the applause.

Thirdly, I officially have 1,009 pinterest followers. Maybe I'm shallow, but for me that counts as a bit of self-validation that maybe I'm not the completely-inept-in-every-way person I was under the impression that I was. Huzzah.

Peace out.

oh and p.s.
I know that the title should read 'play that music loudly'. But for once in my life I decided some improper adjective/adverb use would be okay.

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  1. I see why you didn't want to ride with liked the pack. Mwuahahahaha. Dweebus. I love yuhhh. You are such a rebel, usin' improper grammar an such.


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