Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sydney Taylor Bruning.

I didn't know this girl. And I'm not even from Utah.
But I followed her on twitter and instagram, and I always thought she just seemed happy.

In a perfect world, she would have found the kindness where she needed it, and in a perfect world, she would still be here. But part of God's plan is for this not to be a perfect world, at least not yet.

Read her blog here.

Too much of life is wasted. Too much of life is spent on things that don't matter, while we rarely get around to telling people the things that need to be said. Too often self-interest inhibits our God-given talents for serving others. There are times in each of our lives where we are the only  person capable of giving another the comfort they need. The sad thing about Sydney's story is that it is all of us's story. Every one of us feels alone at times. We feel like we have no one to really talk to, or if so that they don't, can't understand. Christ suffered not just for our sins, but for our trials, sorrows, and griefs. Individually. Christ is able to completely empathize with us in every part of our lives, and so is that our divine mission. We, especially as women, were sent here to, among other things, to support eachother. Our lives are meant to be used to build. To comfort, to console. To form friendships and to share happiness. No where in our Heavenly Father's plan does it say that we're supposed to make this a solitary journey. Rather, the gospel is one of family and friendship, of happiness and strength.

"So never take the time you have with someone for granted. Because you never know when it might be your last day or theirs." -Sydney, in a blog post on 4/16/2012


  1. Syd was my best friend, its nice to know she was loved by so many even when they didn't know her.

  2. Syd was my best friend too. She is honestly such a beautiful girl. And I love and miss her.
    Never take anyone for granted.

  3. This is so sad. It makes my heart ache. I was just stopping by to show some sponsor love, since we have not been in contact in awhile, and I didn't expect to read something like this. Life really is a gift and no day should be taken for granted. I know this first-hand by losing a parent at a young age. Well, I hope you are well. Come stop by and say hello if you have a chance. Thank you for posting this.

    Brani Laine

  4. I didn't know Sydney, either. But her story has effected me too, she was beautiful and full of life with many who loved her. thank you for writing this. She will be remembered even by those whose lives she touched, that never got the chance to meet her. Rest in peace Sydney.


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