Sunday, January 20, 2013


I loove the youth in my ward so much.
Literally they are all the best.
And I'm not just saying that because I'm one of them, that is a true statement.

All of the Laurels (16-18 year old girls) went to Salt Lake City this weekend for an excursion of awesomeness.
We got a backstage tour of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, then ate at Lion House Pantry, where I ate approximately 63 pounds worth of delicious food.
Then we went shopping at City Creek, and let me tell you, the Forever21 at that establishment is potentially my best friend. My favorite purchase was definitely a sparkly mystical geometry leopard shirt. Trust me, it's awesome.
Yesterday morning we went to - drumroll please - Salt Lake's Premier Wedding Show. We cake-tasted and watched the fashion show and Sierra even signed up to win a free honeymoon. [Little did they know that she's only sixteen and doesn't even know anyone named Ryan Robinson, let alone is engaged to one.]
I masqueraded as the proud maid-of-honor of my dear friend McKayla, who had the fake ring and all. The story: she was marrying Tanner Cartwright on July 12 at the Bountiful Temple, he was going to school to be a civil engineer, and he had proposed with a fortune cookie at a chinese restaurant. I do believe our cover was blown however, when a potential photographer asked when he proposed, and she replied after a very [very] long pause with '...Halloweentime.'
Anyway, we had the most splendid time eating Cosmic Brownies and making a Capella mashups like in Pitchperfect in our hotel room, not to mention using all the colored hair spray in Sephora to color my hair hot pink, blue, and purple.

Seriously, though. I have to keep making sure that all of these girls are planning on inviting me to their weddings, because they're all amazingly awesomely brilliant and I'm not even just saying that at all. I'm hoping that they'll all fail this semester terribly so that they'll have to stay back and repeat Senior Year. Cross your fingers.

Love always,

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