Thursday, January 17, 2013

chronic procrastination.

Over the last week, I've managed to avoid studying for my precalculus and english finals by doing some pretty weird things. For example, last night I was browsing the KKK's website. Why? I don't know.
But word of advice. Don't join them. Their web articles were brimming with grammatical errors, not even to bring up their horrendous lack of sentence fluency. I mean come on. Any self-respecting cult should place a high priority on writing skills.

Today I took the much dreaded precal final. Aaaaand wrote a few notes to my teacher next to the problems stating that I know what I did was wrong so don't judge me. And on number 23, maybe I didn't know the answer so I just drew a raccoon.
Starstudent, right here.


  1. Hahah you're funny! I'm sure you did great!

  2. I totally was about to join the KKK... you think you know a cult, and then suddenly you find out they suck at grammar? Booo.... thanks for the advice.

    I understand the procrastination thing. I spent too much time yesterday googling stories of people killed by volcanoes.


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