Monday, January 7, 2013

My life is never normal.

Today at school I was in the yearbook picture for student council, honor choir, ffa, debate, pep club, key club, and publications.
Then I sang the national anthem with Aubrie, Taylan, and Jentrie at a conference for Certified Crop Analysts from Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, California, and Utah.
I wore FFA official dress - blue jacket, blue tie, white buttonup, black skirt, black tights - but forgot my shoes, so I wore Taylan's brown combat boots. I looked so classy.
Then I went to the dentist and watched GatorBoys while being injected with the giant needle not once but twice.



  1. It looks like you got a load on your plate there girly! Good luck with all that(:

  2. I love your subtle humor! I also can't wait for summer- favorite time of the year next to the holidays!

    xo, Isabelle


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