Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am going on my first date in approximately one hour.

Last night I had a violin recital.
I was dressed as a Greek goddess.
I played Sonatina, Op. 100, 1st Movement. Antonin Dvorák.
I memorized it the night before. And still somehow rocked it. Well, not rocked it.
Popped it? Jazzed it, maybe.
I also had my first ever Congress tournament for debate. I printed out the docket the morning of, and didn't even look at it until I was in session. But I didn't even fail.

I think what I'm trying to get across is that I'm a pretty talented procrastinator if I do say so myself.

Wish me luck.
Let's hope this date isn't a puddle of awkwardness lying on the floor.
Just kidding.
It's a group date with my best friend.
And I might've liked this kid since I first met him.

[p.s.] listen to Little Things by One Direction.
It does not disappoint.
Zayn's voice has found the song it was meant to sing.
Psych. There is no song he was not meant to sing.

Love always, Mandi ♥


  1. Mandi, you will have so much fun! I am so happy that he asked you out!! Have tons of fun and know that you are ahead of me on the Foundation Briefs for Nov/Dec. I haven't even looked at them or printed them out. :)

  2. go have fun!!! dates are the best:) i hope you have the best time ever!

  3. Can I just say that I love the entirety of this post? Love with a capital L.


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