Thursday, September 1, 2011

Once upon a time...

...I went to my first ever high school cross country meet. 
It was said by all who'd done that particular one in previous years to be the worst.
They were, unfortunately, correct.
I zigzagged across a field behind a school for over half an hour.
Which is not a good time.
And the best part? 
I finished 39th out of 44!
Haha, I rock. :)
But no worries, that just means I'll improve amazingly next time.
But aside from the whole running part, it was actually pretty fantastic!
Kay well, I think that's about it for today. 
And to everybody out there: 
Never think that cross country isn't deadly. Because it is.

Have a lovely day now! :)

p.s. are you just loving the whole new blogger thang? Cuz I am! :)


  1. Oh look! (Reporter voice) You just broke the record of having no pictures of Rachel on your blog. How do you feel about that? Any comments?

    :D <3

  2. Haha! I'll definitely put some more on:)


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