Friday, September 2, 2011

Pardon me for my lack of excitement, but I'm not entirely thrilled.

School clothes: Check
School supplies: Check
Registration: Check

Kill me now.

The only things getting me through this extremely difficult end-of-summer phase of my life are popcorn, napoleon dynamite, and -- strangely -- cross country. 

Maybe I should be excited for my first year of high school. But really, I'm going to be soo busy. As of next week, I will be doing: Violin, piano, cross country, swimteam, student council, FFA, and key club. Not to mention mutual, being in algebra II as a freshman, homework, congressional award, etc. Hello, stress!

Wish me luck, homedawgs.

And hey, speaking of Napoleon Dynamite (which, by the way, was filmed in the great Gem State):



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