Sunday, June 26, 2011


So um, this is my blog. 
(I wrote that in purple instead of yellow or gray, for dramatic effect.)

I have written a couple random posts now, and it's been great fun. Except--- no one has even seen it. I think 2 people know about this blog at the time I am typing these words. And, ya know, I think I MIGHT want other people to read it. But not really. Well, idk. I'm a bit scared, for reasons unbeknownst (<-- is that a word?) to me. But, I think I am going to post this here blog on facebook, so then people can see it...I just have to be brave enough first! So, yes. This is my blog, and if you are slightly interested in what I say on here, then that's great and I love you! And if you don't, well then, okay, I still love you. :)

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