Thursday, June 23, 2011

A fest of music.

We are the makers of music and the dreamers of dreams. Willy Wonka

This week is MUSICFEST!!! (Oh yeah, baby!) MusicFest is a music camp that I and some of my friendos go to, and it is marvelous. If you were ever to go to this week of fun-ness, these are some things you might hear:

  • "Hey, my violin fits in my mouth!"
  • "Have you seen Phil Butter??"
  • Comments on how Casey is a fantastic robot
  • "Aflac!"
  • Random donut analogies
  • Beautiful singing...every once in a while :)
  • A bunch of first violins trying their hardest to get the notes but failing
  • "What is up with the sun?"
  • "Double-Stuf Oreos!!!"
  • "BASS!"
  • "What does Baroque mean?" "He dropped his instrument."
  • Bach, but with the 'ch' pronounced like a cat hiss.
    and many, many, many more...

    As you can see, we have great fun.


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