Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I wish I could put an emoji here

I'm not even one of the people who are like 'I should blog more', because I don't feel an obligation.
But I keep thinking maybe I'll do some fashion posts? They seem fun.
I'm not abandoning forever though because when I am an adult I will be a mix of Naomi Davis and Hailey Devine.

I've started a habit neither good nor bad of writing on receipts. The paper is so great and I cannot help but find a sharpie and scribble down some song lyrics or my last tweet or an abstract spanish phrase. I'm so visual and I have this innate desire to attach some tangibility to my thoughts, emotions, memories. It helps a lot.

45 days until Mexico. 152 days until Tonga. NYC will be a few months after that and hopefully Europe after that. It's worth everything.

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