Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Because I be a rambler.

But first. Watch this video. I dare you not to fill up with joy.

  • I'm all for expressing opinions, but I'm pretty darn sure that, unlike what your profile picture implies, you are not a red equal (or inequality) sign in real life.
  • I want to move right NOWWW. One more month will kill me.
  • What I've learned from Spring Break so far: waking up at 11:30 does not, in fact, make you any more awake throughout the day.
  • Other people are in Taiwan or New York. Hey, I went to Costco yesterday.
  • I am seriously in love with the high-heeled sneakers. I need some soon. Don't judge me.

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  1. I actually really like the high-heeled sneakers, too. But unfortunately, I am really tall. So I probably won't be wearing them. But I do like them! Also, that song is AMAZING. I love it!!


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