Monday, December 17, 2012

Joy to the World.

Sometimes you just need to redo your blog.
Just like sometimes you need new people to talk to.
Or maybe a new winter coat,
or a new pen because your old one finally died.
It's like that happiness you randomly get when you see a new type of vitamin on the shelf.
Or when you have nyquil.

Or maybe it's not like any of those things.
But the point is, I redid my blog today.
I also put a spiderman sticker on my shirt and wore it the whole school day.
This was not the first time.

Also, for future reference:
If you're going to play violin to chemotherapy patients at the hospital, maybe the best thing to say to the receptionist when you walk in the main entrance is not 'Um, I'm playing at cancer.'

Sophomores brought in over 2600 cans for the canned food drive. The class of 2015 prides themselves on ending world hunger.

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