Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"i find joy in the simplest of things"

  • vitamins
  • talking to people in class that you don't usually
  • someone waiting for you after class so they can walk out with you
  • shoes
  • looking forward to wearing a sweater tomorrow
  • a picture on tumblr that is exactly how you feel
  • fonts
  • a new novel to read
  • being home alone and blasting music
  • somebody tweeting you
  • modern family
  • christmas lights on your school
  • changing into a tshirt and running shorts after school
  • facebook likes
  • a scarf that matches a coat perfectly
  • texts
  • seeing that your father bought the red top ramen after only having blue for a month
  • peter pan collars
  • winter tights
  • the skyfall theme song
  • spiderman stickers
  • being back to your old self


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