Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sadies 2012.

Sadies 2012 was AH-MAZING.
Perfectly perfect in most every way.
The theme was sports fans, so obviously my date and I decided to go the hipster route and be the New Zealand All Blacks. [a rugby team.]
Speaking of my date, Barrett Ford Manning is a stud.
Our group didn't do anything splentastically amazing, but we were so perfectly matched up we could just talk about high school musical around the dinner table for a half hour and be fine.
Also, the dance was craycray. And believe me, that is not a word I just throw around lightly.
Here I am 5 days later, and my calves and neck are still back to normal.
I'm pretty much one of those freaks who loses all control and class at dances and throws their body around in the most intense way possible. Like not even dancing. More like Tasmanian devil-ing.
But yeah. It was so fun.
Dances are so fun. Dates are fun. Parfaits and strobe lights are fun.
Love always.

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