Thursday, November 29, 2012

Imperfection is what I do best.

Today was such a good day.
Not for any particular reason.
It just was.

Christmas music turns "my life is a mess" into "my life is a mess but the earth is a great planet to live on".
Sometimes, people are nice, and you laugh a lot during a conversation with someone, and you wear warm shoes that are fuzzy on the inside, and you sing as loud as you can to Faith Hill's 'Where Are You Christmas', and you participate in seminary almost as much as the teacher himself, and you eat chocolate Costco muffins for breakfast, and you read other people's blogposts that make you think 'we would be friends', and you watch disney movies from your childhood, and maybe you cry during Tarzan even though its in Spanish and you can't understand anything, and sometimes you eat Mexican food that tastes really good, and sometimes you match your bestfriend without even planning it.

Stay rad.

The Maine- "Like We Did"
I want you to rock me, rock me


  1. I LOVE this post with allll of my heart. I completely agree with all those happy sentiments and i loved the way you worded them. I also love the pictures, especially the first and last one. :) Beautiful. <3

  2. "and you read other people's blogposts that make you think 'we would be friends'" *peeking over a wall like a creeper* ;D Luv your blog.

  3. i love this so much.
    just reading it made me happier. (:


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