Saturday, June 2, 2012

Moment of Silence for all this Awesomeness.

My life is even cooler now than it was when I wrote this post.

She retweeted me to the whole world. 

He is We replied to me.

Stevie Scott replied to Bailey.

And to me.

Windsor Drive replied to my tweet.

And so did the whole city of Salt Lake. Practically.

Michael David Hall - an absolutely beautiful human being - replied to my tweet. And typed my name!

 South Jordan liked the picture I posted to their Facebook wall.

 Michael David Hall accepted my friend request on Facebook.

 And liked and commented on a picture in MY album. 


Can I just say one thing?


It is possible for famous people to know you exist!


  1. i am bailey and i approve of this message.
    rocked my world.

  2. This is absolutely brilliant! Oh my stars!

  3. Hiii your blog is adorable! New follower :)


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