Friday, June 1, 2012

If I could I'd hit rewind and replay.

The He is We concert was absolutely AMAZING.
Rachel is seriously ill so she had to drop out of the tour, which is obviously devastating. 
But Stevie Scott was the touring vocalist and she did wonderfully.
I went with my lovely friends Aubrie and Bailey, fellow bloggers and He is We enthusiasts.

Random story:
I surreptitiously took a picture of this couple. They were the cutest EVER. They go to Utah State and they're engaged. Get this, though: To propose, he had the tickets to the concert and he said 'Can I be your forever?' or something to that effect. (Get it? He is We's album is called My Forever) It was the cutest, and the 3 of us decided we would settle for nothing less.

Front row!!

Windsor Drive 

South Jordan. They are gorgeous. Like literally, the moment we saw their clothes, I knew I was going to love them. Then they started to make music, and I was an instafan. I'm facebook friends with the lead singer now, and he replied to my tweet! 

5 HOURS. Standing up. That close to people. 

Trevor&Stevie. Gah. They are beautiful.

Trevor Kelly is my absolute hero.

This is Kirsten! She's a blogger! We just happenned to recognize her, because we all follow her! We said hi and of course got a picture! It was basically a wonderful experience. :)

 The goods. They signed my bag! And that little orange guitar pick WAS TREVOR'S! Ahhh!


  1. That couple is so precious! I'm so happy you guys got to meet them! Its too bad we couldn't meet up. We will FOR SURE have to do something when your in town for 1D (:

  2. It seems you have such adventures.

  3. this is so great. so glad i got to meet you all! :)


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