Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yehh, can't think of a title. :)

Today I ditched winter track,
Largely because of the fact that
it was snowing outside. Bleh.
I then proceeded to go home,
Change into my running clothes,
And go for a run.

What's up with my life? :)

Also, my blog is in dire need of a re-vamp.
New design is coming soon!

Also, I really kindof love this post.

And for a third also, what do you guys like to read on a blog? 
I really would like to know which posts you find interesting.
Not necessarily so that I'll do more of that, I'll still write whatever I want,
But just to know. 

And this:
Just listen. And love.
I'm not a Breaking Dawn fan. Haven't seen nor read it.
But this song has been on repeat for the last week.

Love always,



  1. Oh my goshness, I love that song. <3 <3

  2. Ooooooh yess I do too!!!! And I'm not a Twilight fan AT ALL either (Go Harry!!!! :) but I looooooove that song! And hey girl, keep your head up you're an awesome friend!!! :D

  3. hmm i wonder WHYYYY that song has been on repeat...wait, did you mention its been on repeat since Dec 31? no? hmm just random thought;) loves


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