Wednesday, January 18, 2012

6 down, 2 to go.


The word strikes fear into the hearts of every student currently enrolled in an American highschool.
I've managed to scrape by with an A on all of them so far...
But tomorrow is World History.
And that could be majorly difficult.

Two weeks ago we watched the movie "Luther" in WH, since ya know, Catholic reformation and all that.
We were supposed to take notes.
I did, but um, majorly unclear.
So now, at 9:02 the night before it's due, I get online to research my 2-page 12-pt-font essay.
WIKIPEDIA IS DOWN. Shun the world.

And here. Remember that?
I'm going to have a bouquet of poppies for my wedding.

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And also:

Not to be rude. But.

Dear Anonymous:
COME ON. Are you serious???
Of course we were being sarcastic.
And no one else seemed to think we came off as vain and superficial.
Just saying.
But if you want to leave mean comments on someone's blog, don't do it on mine.
You shouldn't do it at all, much less on something that doesn't even have any basis for anything you say.
And when in doubt, follow:
"If you can't say anything nice, shut your mouth and go away."
I don't know what you learned, but that's what my mother taught me.


And on that note, I would like to thank all 31 of my lovely followers. I don't know why you follow me, but it gives me warm tinglies inside to know that at least someone is reading my blog. Stay brilliant and awesome, and remember that you rock.

Love always,



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    1. i think that this is an excellent blog and that if you dont personally know miss mandi than dont judge her :)


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