Thursday, December 1, 2011

I've realized: I'm more than a bit odd.

Yesterday I was involved in a glitter war, where a bottle of glitter was dumped on top of my head. During school. It was basically my dream. And in Intro to Ag, when we had to try 13 different types of cheeses, (because in Idaho we do that), I surreptitiously threw every single one in the trash when the teacher wasn't looking. I don't really like cheese. And I didn't study at all for my World History test, a fact reflected in my grade. And tomorrow I'm going to my bestie-best-bestfriend's house, on account of the fact that my parents are going to the faraway land of Sacramento and leaving me here. By the time Monday morning rolls around, it's my prediction that a) her house will have burnt down. b) one of us will have, either accidentally or on-purpose, killed the other. or c) we will have been discovered and making $40,000 a week as comedians with our own reality TV show. Also, I'm currently jammin to the Biebs.

Yes, I've evaluated my life. And deduced that I'm crazy. But it's fun.


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