Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let's start a revolution.

"See ya later, alligator!"
"In a while, crocodile!"

May I say booooring?

I say, let's all be more original with our goodbyes.
Next time, try:

  • In a few, cockatoo!
  • Ciao, brown cow!
  • Bye bye fruit fly!
  • Peace out, rainbow trout!
  • See ya soon,  big baboon!
  • Stay loose, bull moose!
  • Gotta go, buffalo!
  • I'm outta here, white-tailed deer!
  • Good wishes, little fishes!
  • Toodles, poodles!
  • Keep it real, spotted seal!
  • Another time, porcupine!
  • Good luck, silly duck!
  • Have a good day, sting ray!

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