Friday, August 12, 2011

He is just a boy.

I have no followers of the male species, so I feel like sharing something with you guyses. Keep a secret, kay?
So there's a boy.
Well, actually, there are many boys where I live, but there's a specific one I'm talking about. Let's call him Chester.
So once upon a time I like Chester. He fit every single quality on my perfect-boy list (cute, mormon, funny, athletic, smart, tall, etc). He can always make me smile. I'm kind of pathetic, actually, how much I like him. 
BUT. I am a loser, on account of the fact that whenever I see a gorgeous, perfect boy, I magically turn into a loser. I am so scared of, idk, having my liking them be obvious, that I just stay away. Which is bad, obviously. Before long, Chester is friendos with my friendos, but we still are not good friends. Which does not make sense because we actually have lots in common and a good amount of opportunities to become friendos. But it just doesn't work, because of my horrible loserness, stemming from ... I don't even know why it happens. 
I've come to a decision, though
I'm not going to be a loser anymore.
True story.
Chester is just a person, and if I can't even be myself around him, then what's the point of liking guys anyway, right? He's not perfect, in fact, I've seen him behave as a loser on numerous occasions. So ya know what? I'm just gonna get over my loserality and behave as myself, which I should've been doing all along. Okay well that's it, I guess. :)


  1. uhm yes.
    yes. yes. yes.
    i love this post like i love chocolate and bananas.

  2. i absolutely love those pictures!! and mandi i agree with you about boys! but, sadly, i still like them.....:-/ :D but i shouldn't though because i have the worst luck in the world, mandi you know my last story. :'( boys make sense until you like them.


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