Sunday, July 17, 2011

Retreat for Girls 2011:)

I just got back from 
Retreat for Girls.
It's like the best week of ever.
Um. It's kinda like an efy for 12-15 yr old girls.
If ya know what efy is.
It's absolutely
fantasmical. :)
We stayed at Utah State University, in the dorms.

These were some of my roommates:

We had great fun.
It's wierd how at the end of only 5 days,
you feel like you've known these girls your whole life.

Our group was the Treasure Seekers.
(We were the best group.)
Our counselor was Jazzie.
(She was the best counselor.)

If you or anyone else you know is a 12-15 yr old Mormon girl, go to this. 
It will rock your world.

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