Sunday, December 8, 2013

The most wonderful time of the year

Is it bad that I started out the holiday season by perusing the websites of forever21 and urbanog and buying things for myself? Because I definitely did.

So basically all I have to tell you guys today is that Junior Year is hard. It is a hard thing.
Calculus and Chemistry are difficult, people in general are difficult, and when you're involved in 90% of your school's clubs and organizations, you get a bit overscheduled. My life's goal has become just keeping up: on homework and on this season of Modern Family. However, my goal is to blog more, so hopefully you will be hearing a bit more from me on this website.

And real quick, secret time. I love clothes and I like to think that I have a good sense of style. (Or at least, I'm good at judging other people's style heh) You guys wouldn't judge me too terribly if I started doing some outfit posts right? Okay, rock on.

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  1. Mandi, it makes me so happy that you are going to blog more! I love you!


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