Sunday, May 5, 2013


This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to compete in the Idaho State Solo Competition in violin! It was held in Post Falls, which long story short is practically Canada. My mom and I flew, thank goodness; enduring 18 hours in a car roundtrip would have killed me.
I practiced hours upon hours upon hours. And I usually don't get nervous. But before I went in to play for the judges, like I wasn't consciously freaking out, in my mind I was fine, but physically my stomach felt sick and I almost started crying and I felt like throwing up. So I mean, there was that. But I did my best and I felt good about how I played. I ended up getting 12th, if my friend Aubrie is to be deemed trustworthy, so I mean nothing exceptional, but for a sophomore in the whole state I'm completely good with that. :)
That night I saw something on twitter about He is We playing a concert in Spokane, and seeing as we were only about a half hour away, I begged my mother to take me. So, Spokane Block Party 2013, I was there. I saw He is We for the second time, my favorite band in the whole world. They are literally the only band I could see in concert that I know every single word (they even exceed One Direction.... shhh.) Rachel is amazing. That's all. The best part, though, was that the concert was for college kids, at a coffee shop, in Washington, benefiting a charity. And I'm not in college, not from Washington, I don't drink coffee, and I'm not at all involved with that charity. But hey.
This morning my mother and I went to Coeur d'Alene and went to the Dockside restaurant, etc., it was all quite grand. Then we hopped on a plane that was basically the tower of terror and returned to my small little brown ugly hometown. Tada. :)

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  1. How exciting. This sounds like a special memory for you, Mandi. Seems like this would have been a nice trip for you and your mother. And how pretty you look in your chic black dress. :)


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