Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Santa came to mi casa last night.
Also I got my 500th Pinterest follower today!
Have you ever played the game ticket to ride??
Play it.
It's been a focal point in my life for the last year.
Also, if your six-year-old sister gets a drumset complete with cymbal at 7 in the morning...
You're in for a long day.
Everytime I think about debate I get a panicky feeling. No kidding.
So I thought about nothing but Christmas all day long.
I'm seeing Les Mis tomorrow.
Also, when you haven't talked to someone in over a year and then you talk to them on the phone, it's not cool for them to call you Princess. Especially when they're less than 10 years older than you.
I liked the influx of Instagram users today from all the new iPhones throughout the world.
It was nice. I got like 10 new followers.
[by the way. follow me. @mandiruth ;)]
I'm going to go read the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book now.
Merry Christmas.

[p.s.] I wish I was spiderman.

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  1. ticket to ride? only the most worth while board game ever. my family and I love it!


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