Monday, October 8, 2012

Today I got run over by my best friend in her car.

I kid you not.

Talk about awkward, right??

Here's the sitch.

We went to her house like we do most everyday because Aubrie's our chauffeur. While there, the mozzarella sticks took a tad too long to become edible, so we were a tad late getting back to the school. Aubrie told Jentch and I to hop out so that we wouldn't be late. I open the door, and Jentrie yells 'Go, go, go!' as if this is WWII and there are German snipers behind us. I don't think well while being pressured, so I step out. Sadly though, the car is still moving. I faceplant onto the pavement and am lying spread-eagle on the road as the back tire of Aubrie's car goes over the back of my foot.

It's really kind of a blur.

However, folks, I witnessed a Christmas miracle today, because aside from a nasty bruise on my foot and a slightly twisted knee, I'm still alive.

I mean, it makes for a really, REALLY great story.

The best part?
I wasn't late to Spanish.

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  1. Ah, either your life is so much more amusing than mine, or I need to remember to blog stuff so I can remember I'm not boring.


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