Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy happy sunday, kids.

I saw Les Mis last night.
That is a heavy duty show, let me say that.
Amazing. Stunning. Tragic.
And intensely intense.
It's basically an opera. Which means singing the whole entire play, if you were unaware.
Soo good.

I PR'ed at the meet on Thursday.
29:17, which is really a terrible time compared to the rest of my team, but so much better than I ever could've asked for.
I didn't walk at all, and I was rewarded with nearly passing out at the end.

Due to the fact that I will be turning sixteen in 17 days (!), I will be eligible to attend the Sadie Hawkins Dance this year.
I must ask: is this not stressful to other people?? Choosing who to ask, I mean.
Because it is for me.

Guess what??
Aubrie and Taylan and Jentrie rock my world.
They're the bestest best friends a girl could ever have.

Yo dawg.

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