Sunday, June 24, 2012

29 page journal entry...

...on our ward's youth conference. We went to Temple Square. It was only 2 days, but it was absolutely amazing. We went nonstop both days. While I was there I didn't really have time to stop and think, but it was literally one of the greatest experiences of my whole life. Bailey is wonderful. I'm so glad I got to hang out with her, whether discussing the gospel in This Is The Place Memorial Park, or by spending 2 hours in forever21. I love my ward. A lot. We're all basically friends with eachother.

Here are the highlights:

  • Getting enough amazing food at The Lion House Pantry to feed a small African country for a month.
  • Handing a note reading 'Beware of shellfish.' to a complete stranger and having him think I was attractive even afterward. 
  • Walking in late to a fancy dinner during someone's speech. 
  • Getting told I was Amish and then lectured on how hardworking they are by a total stranger.
  • Getting pushed into the pool.
  • Bursting into happytears in the car.
  • Learning new 'medium' words from my YW president.
  • Getting 5 hours of sleep because my roommates and I wouldn't shut up.
  • Getting taught how to cut garlic by Julian Smith. 
  • Playing 'Harry Styles' instead of 'Marco Polo'.
  • Bridestalking.
And so much more. 29 pages more, actually.

I am so grateful for the gospel.

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