Saturday, May 5, 2012


Went to the funnest [yes, I do believe that is a word] party last night.
Awkward dancing forms friendships.
Impromptu harmonizing is wonderful.
Pinterest makes me happy.
I want to be 16.
Bright, sparkly nail polish is beauty.
Summer come sooner.
Getting a ride home from somewhere and having conversation the whole way without one awkward pause is a blessing which does not come often in my life. But last night it did.
It's good to be a nerd. [for example: getting student of the year in 2 classes, one of them being a sophomore/junior math class; also lettering in ffa, of all things]
One Direction is beautiful and I adore their slight awkwardness.
I do believe Avidity should be famous one day.
I'm starting to think I may have a small chance of winning the Student Council election.
Remember this post? Truer than ever.
Chapstick is the saver to my life.
I've never been so grateful before for a continuing conversation with no awkward pauses.
Debate might kill me next year; I'm slightly nervous. Actually, more than slightly.
I'm currently holding my sock monkey Luann. (Louise? I can never remember what her name was originally...)
I adore friends.
And bloggers.
And I have 40 followers! Oh, happy day! :)

Love you all!

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