Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Journal Excerpt

Every once in a while I scribble down some deep thoughts.

...Okay, let me rant now for a minute. I hatehateHATE it when people have what I call STP. SMALL-TOWN-PERSPECTIVE. They live in a tiny box filled with the minute amount of experiences and ideas they've personally been exposed to in their life. They get their political views from their parents, and they call any guy who's intellectually minded or - heaven forbid - dresses fashionably 'gay'. They don't understand - refuse to comprehend - that there are an unfathomable number of people in this world, and thus more than one ideal. They are content to remain with what they believe are all the "right" goals, styles, tastes, and ideas, and therefore lose the chance they have of experiencing so many more points of view. By believing their way is the only way, they're essentially closing themselves off to all the amazing ideas the world contains, potentially inhibiting themselves from true  self-expression. I think my fear of STP is the driving cause behind my desire to travel, to interact with other types of people, to be surrounded by music, ideas, knowledge, fashion, and people that I've truly CHOSEN to love, rather than being subconsciously brainwashed by the cultural norms...


  1. Mandi,

    That is brilliant. Every thought that I've thought about for forever expressed way better than I could. :)

    .....thanks :)

  2. Um I love your blog.
    Just saying!


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