Sunday, April 15, 2012


I've found that when your life is organized, routine, neat.
Seemingly perfect.
Then you still feel a bit restless.
As if something is missing.

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of spontaneity, chaos, and stress.
To bring happiness within your reach.

You need them.

You absolutely need the trials, the busyness, the complications and confusions of everyday life.
Out of the struggles and tribulations come the triumphs.

One does not fully appreciate breathing unless they've had to gasp for air.

If I hadn't had to go a few years struggling to fit in and know my place,
I wouldn't have gained the confidence and new friends I have now.

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  1. oohhh goodness that was fantastic. I have a lovely lovely best friend.

  2. i love love this post! it is lovely and i love the quote on happiness

  3. Mandi!! I hate how TOTALLY cute your blog is!! I definitely need some tips!!! :)


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