Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have to accept that I'm not the best at everything.
Accept that I can't be friends with everyone.
Accept that I'm just me, and that I am awesome.

Then realize that I am so lucky.
I have the gospel.
I have the knowledge that Jesus Christ died for me.
I have the knowledge that I am never, ever alone because for every single, tiny sorrow I will ever feel, Christ knows exactly how I feel.
I'm lucky to have brilliant, amazing friends who I can emulate. 
I'm lucky to have just realized that I can actually tell people my problems.
I'm lucky to have my intelligence and my health.
When I grow up I am going to travel the world. 
Cliche, I know, but I will.
My husband and I will go all over.
See everything. 
Widen our schemas, for anyone who had Mrs. Mumm as an 8th grade teacher.
Ha. I thought she was bad at the time.
Little did I know.
I'm lucky to have a blog that I can write words on.
That I don't ever edit or redo.
That I often look back on and shake my head at my idiocy.
As I'm sure you do also.
I'm lucky to have Panem and Hogwarts that I can go to anytime, anywhere.
I'm grateful for awkwardness.
And laughing.
And really, really corny jokes that most people don't even laugh at.
I'm grateful for my violin.
And I'm grateful for the word 'dude'.
It's become a staple in my vocabulary.
I'm grateful for confidence.
And for knowing that just because you internet-stalk someone, doesn't mean you're hopeless.
I'm lucky to have people commenting on my blog.
And I'm grateful to have other blogs to read to know that other people are just as wierd as I am.
I'm grateful that I'm still a freshman, that I can change my mind about things.
I'm grateful that in 2 weeks time, I'll be in Florida. 
Thank you to whoever came up with the idea for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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