Monday, March 5, 2012


A lot of times we focus on our differences.


We're all alive.

We all have someone inside of us, and most of us probably don't know exactly who that is yet.

You might show different parts of that person to different people.

Very few, if any, see the whole you.

Maybe even you don't.

How much of what we say is for the benefit of the people around us?

If we lived on this earth by ourselves.

Completely alone.

Would we still say, do, think, desire the same things?

How about if there was just no one to impress?

Often, we feel we have it all together.

Like everything's going great.

Then BAM.

We're thrown back into the games again at the quarter quell.

And we turn into a tangle of thoughts and dreams and questions.

We like to 'set priorities' and 'focus on what's most important'. 

But mostly,

We don't.

Because we don't actually know what those most important things are.

So we must be content to keep hiking.

Hoping we're on the right trail.


  1. i really like this post! you have such a way with words.

  2. lovely mandi.
    reminds me a wee bit of myself.
    ps) hunger games reference? A+


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