Monday, February 20, 2012

Sincerest Apologies.

I fail at blogging.

I used to be big on blogging, journaling, and violin.

Now? Not so much.

At any hour of the day you can basically count on me either sleeping, pinteresting, or staring off into space vacantly. And I'm not even on drugs, which makes the staring doubly wierd.

I promise I shall be better at blogging.

Even though I think I have about 3 regular readers of this blog. Oh well. Tis great.

Peace out, cubscout.


  1. You're beatiful, keep blgging.

    love always,

    yo bestie.

  2. My sister is inferring that your violin has become dormant. She yelled at me to type at you to wake it up. WAKE IT UP! ;)


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