Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thank you, teachers.

You: Did you go to the football game tonight, Mandi?
Me: Nope.
You: Why not?
Me: Because I went to a party.
You: What? Without me?!
Me: You weren't invited, sorry. But it was way fun; and there was lemonade and popcorn.
You: Who all was there?
Me: Oh, just me and my mathbook.

Yup. Homework. For 4 hours. Oh the joys of highschool.

'Tis true.


  1. ha! i love this post. soooo true. too true.

  2. AMEN. x3 I choose not to worry about social life, because if you're awesome enough, it will come to you somehow.

  3. alrighty here you have thee cutest blog! you don't know me but I know your friend bailey and thats how i found your blog! its super unique and i adore your music. if ya wanna know who is following you you can check out my blog! haha!

  4. Yup, 'tis very true. My two choices are varying between social life and enough sleep, and social life and good grades. :D


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