Saturday, September 24, 2011


Yepyep! Great fun, all week! And the best part? KIMBO BEAT BURLEY! WAHOO! K-I-M-B-O, KIMBO KIMBO, GO GO GO! :) Happy Homecoming!

 We're death eaters. FEAR US!

I went to Hogwarts for a day!

I was told that only gangsters like the Orlando Magic. I guess that makes me gangster. :)

They enjoy the cowboys.


Funkay hair!


Freshmen smell fresh!!!

Homecoming princess, right there. :)

The Morg.

HA! Chad...

It's a new trend.

They're engaged.

They're also engaged.

They're engaged, too! Look below ↓↓↓

I have way too much time on my hands, apparently. :)



  1. hold up hold up when did Aubrie and MY Jordan get engaged? haha!
    and ps) the video didn't upload:(

  2. Um, Aubrie slightly likes him. Don't tell!:D Also, I REUPLOADED THE VIDEO:)

  3. Oh oh oh.
    And I watched it..and I love your editing skills..and I loved the video and I laughed a lot. hahahah

  4. Haha I was one of the videoers!! And Mandi I like how I'm not in any of those pictures. Love you too girly! :D


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