Friday, September 30, 2011

Hey world, how are ya?

  • I love friends. Love love. I feel like already this year, I've just gotten way closer to my favorite girlies, and I love that too.
  • I love birthdays. Mine, yours, his, hers, attending, planning, etc.
  • Hey guess what. The phase of the 16 years is coming up in my life. And many of my friend's lives even quicker. How strange. 
  • Girls are complicated. And boys are complicated.
  • General conference tomorrow! Yesss.
  • Bloggers are my heroes.
  • Pride & Prejudice makes me happy. And I shall be watching it tonight.
  • I must now clean my room. Goodbye:)

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  1. I enjoy your opinions. And posting comments on blogs. Yesh . . .


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