Wednesday, August 17, 2011



We all have them...

Hey. Do ya wanna know something?
Sometimes -- a lot of times -- I suffer from a totally unnecessary
lack of confidence.
Which blows.

But seriously: I AM DONE WITH THAT.
I have been feeling inadequate for a long time because of a situation I basically invented in my head, when in actuality the opposite was true.
You might think you're not good enough, but really you are. You are more than good enough. You are awesome.
Never be scared to be yourself. Never be scared to be or do ANYTHING. Because you rock. And I rock. So instead of the scared, I'm-not-good-enough, they-don't-like-me version of me I've been for the past bit of my life, I'm gonna start being awesome. The end.

p.s. I know that lately Sparkles & Such has turned into some kind of self-help blog thing. Be patient please, I need to write all these things out so that they sink into my brain. And also, this little blog o' mine is slightly new; I don't know what it's going to grow up to be yet. Consider this it's awkward-preteen stage. :)

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  1. Woohoo, go you! I've had this exact same realisation lately - isn't it a great feeling? You'll notice a huge different, just generally feeling happier. Life's way more fun when you stop caring what other people think.


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