Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey, all

So. I'm off to efy! Fun, fun, I know. Except I don't actually know on account of I've never been there before.  Everyone says it's brilliant, so I'm sure it will be brilliant. I just hope that:
~I will be able to get out of my stranger-danger shyness and make new friends that I like (as opposed to friends that I don't like.)
~I will be able to get rid of all the stupid thoughts in my head, in order to clear up space for spiritual edification.
~I will have enough happenings and/or deep thoughts and/or shallow thoughts to finish up my journal this week.
~My friendos and I will have a fantastic lovely week, on account of Rylee is here, quite possibly, quite for-surely for the last time this summer.
~I will be okay with staying somewhere else, on account of my whole family is leaving Thursday for a mini-vacation, which I will not be able to attend.
~I'll have good peeps in my company.
~My sister likes her birthday present from me.
~I will be able to feel the spirit. (I think that's a given at efy, but still)

Well, that's all folks. See ya later alligator!

(Now you say: See ya in a while, crocodile!)


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