Sunday, August 14, 2011

Because I'm hopeful.

My life is going to change a lot in the next couple of weeks. The next couple of years, actually. Everything that I've considered the norm is no longer normal. I know the way I want things to be. However sadly, what happens in my imagination is not usually how real life plays out. But you can always hope.
  • I hope I survive cross country and maybe even have the best time of my life along the way.
  • I hope violin doesn't have to wait until after the sports season this time.
  • I hope my friends and I stay happy.
  • I hope a particular teacher doesn't serve to ruin my freshman year.
  • I hope I can become good friends with a certain boy.
  • I hope Student Council is great.
  • I hope I can keep my grades to all As.
  • I hope I won't become swamped with my over-scheduled life.
  • I hope I'll be confident enough to be myself in front of total strangers.
  • I hope I'll become awesome friends with the kids in grades above me.

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