Sunday, June 12, 2011 Fab!

Last night was a Stake Dance! (yessssss!) Now, my friends and I all absolutely adore Stake Dances. Last night, we get there, Aubrie, Malea, and I, and we see that they're tryin to pass it off as some 1/2-dance, 1/2 party thing. There are tables covering the dance floor and everything! And get this: all the lights were ON! Seriously, I don't know what they were thinking! Anyway, so we're standing there in our group comprised mainly of cool 8th graders from Kimberly, and the boys aren't asking anyone to dance.   :/ So, my dear friend Aubrie and I go over to the corner where they've got Just Dance rigged to a projector up on the wall. (For any of you who don't know, Just Dance is a Wii game that's main purpose is to make you look el stupido.) So we go over there and start dancing like wackos! Yeah, people were staring at times, but it was great! We got other people to join in and totally turned that frown of a dance upside down! I even ended up dancing with 6 people - 7, including Aubs - including a stranger named Andres who I do not like, contrary to popular belief. Anyway, I just had to share that experience with you, since it was great!
Lesson Learned: If you are ever bored at a social event, just grab a friend and start dancing enthusiastically, and it'll turn your whole night around! :)

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  1. I danced with Andres at the last dance, and boy did he dance CLOSE! He just pulled me right in! :O I was like EEK! But he was a cool kid, nothing against him. He was pretty funky in a funny/cool way and he told me my hair smells like Fruit Loops. So ya'll if you ever need to smell Fruit Loops, just pop right on over and smell my hair! :D


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